My Personal Gear & Kit Recommendations

I often get asked what kit I use when out in the woods or on the trail, whether it be the type of knife I carry in my pack or the cookset I use when taking time out to rest.
And so I decided to start this particular section of my blog which basically highlights all the kit that I use, along with photos, descriptions, why I recommend the kit and sometimes an associated video, demonstrating the particular piece of kit.
Note : All The Kit Listed Below Is Personally Owned (And Used) By Me. And I Would Not Recommend Any Item Of Kit That I Hadn't Personally Used Or Tested Myself.
This is a relatively new section to the blog and is currently being populated... I Do Have More Kit I Promise You... A Whole Garage Full In Fact... !!!

Knives, Cutting Tools & Multitools:

Victorinox Trailmaster
Pocket knife with various tools including a very handy saw blade, which is the main reason I purchased this particular model of Victorinox. The main blade is a locking blade, so please be aware of UK Knife Laws. (See The Video Review For Full Details)
Jacklore Handmade Bushcraft Knife
The Jacklore is a handmade, British bushcraft knife made from 01 tool steel, with a Rockwell hardness of around 59, which gives the blade a superb edge that doesn't chip and keeps its sharpness, even when used for battening, chopping and carving etc.

Personal Mess Kit & Stoves:

12cm Zebra Billy Can
Firstly is stainless steel, to withstand serious hammer and is going to last. Secondly it has the small saucepan which comes in handy and is a nice addition. Some people modify this pan to become a strainer. And thirdly the 12cm version fits on my Trangia Triangle, whilst still being able to store it in a PLCE Army Utility Pouch, making a great little cookset.
Trangia Triangle
What more can I say about this compact, lightweight and durable piece of kit. Quality item, as you would expect from Trangia. Compliments the majority of billy cans, pans, kettles and mugs (with additional support - see video) perfectly.

Shelter & Sleeping Equipment:

Handy Hammock
I first reviewed this innovative hammock setup back in October 2012 and was really impressed with the clever design of the supporting struts. Great for on the beach, in the garden and relaxing (Or spending the night) anywhere that has no trees.
Nite-Ize Figure 9 Rope Tensioners
Nifty little gadgets for applying tension to the paracord used with your tarp ridge lines or guy lines. If you are not comfortable using knots, these are so easy to use.

Other Accessories:

Light My Fire - Swedish Army Firesteel
Of all the different types of firesteels I have used, this one from Light My Fire has proved to be the most reliable, providing a good hot shower of sparks, thanks to the excellent striker

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  1. Where did you buy the Nite Figure 9 from please? A fantastic site by the way