Wednesday, 11 June 2014

The Ideal Frying Pan For Any Amdro Camper Conversion Cooker Or Motorhome

For any campervan/motorhome owners, campers, or in my case Amdro Boot Jump enthusiast, you will no doubt be cooking your early morning bacon butties on a cooker similar to the ones shown in the photos opposite. And like myself you were probably using a traditional round frying pan.

This of course is fine, we have all done it for years, but it has always provided a few little problems, that you may not even be aware of or just doesn't bother you.

But when you see the alternative that is available, you may want to change the way you normally cook your breakfast on future camping trips.

Let me start by highlighting a few issues that the traditional round frying pan has...

  • When sat on your cooker, heat is lost from the corners (loss of fuel economy)
  • Reduced cooking area, due to the wasted areas around the frying pan
  • Wasted storage space when storing your pan in a "square" cupboard or crate
So what is the alternative ? Well, if you haven't already guessed, its really obvious and makes you wonder why we haven't changed our frying pan of choice sooner. It is of course, a square (or rectangular) frying pan and the one I recently purchased was the Boaties Square Frying Pan. Now that I have had chance to put it to good use, here are some benefits...
  • Due to the square design, more of the cooker ring is covered improving fuel economy
  • As the whole area above the cooker ring is covered, you get more cooking space in your pan
  • No more curving your bacon to the contours of a round pan, to get more rashers in, just lay them out straight
  • When your finished cooking, the square pan fits neatly into your cupboard or crate, without any wasted storage space
Here are some features of the Boaties Square Frying Pan...

  • Stainless steel, non stick coating
  • 25cm x 20cm x 4.5cm vertical sides, creating a pan with a greater cooking area compared to a 25.5 cm round pan
  • Designed to fit compact recreational stoves which normally have a limited cooking area
  • Rectangular shape gives maximum cooking area for minimum stove area.
And for all you Amdro Camper Conversion owners, this particular frying pan is the perfect accompaniment for the Origo 3000 alcohol stove , allowing 2 Boaties pans to fit perfectly alongside each other (Bacon in one, eggs in the other). The square design of the pan also allows easier storage in the area below the cooker (or just in a crate).

I will probably be purchasing a second pan and may opt for the Boaties Frying Pan Square with Lid version, giving me more cooking options, not to mention keeping the bacon warm once cooked.

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