Monday, 15 April 2013

An Interview With Patrick From Terra Firma Films As He Embarks On His Scottish Adventure

I have been uploading videos to Youtube for quite some time now, mostly relating to bushcraft and the outdoors. And during that time you come across some great channels, with similar interests.
But I have to say not all of them have captured my attention, as much as a channel I was recently introduced to.
The channel I am talking about (As are a number of people on the Youtube Bushcraft Community) is Terra Firma Films and is hosted by a great guy called Patrick.
Patrick contacted me a few months ago to introduce himself and his new channel. Turns out he has been watching my channel, along with several other channels for over a year now, to build up his knowledge of the outdoors and how to cope with situations when out on the trail .
As Patrick quite freely admits, he is no expert in camping, survival, bushcraft etc. But as he embarks on his new filming project, has decided he should brush up on some vital skills, before venturing into the rugged and unforgiving Scottish wilderness.
Patrick, plans to spend 12 months or so, venturing into the Scottish hills and rugged landscapes to capture his findings, in what will be a short film at the end of his journey.
Watching Patrick's Youtube videos, that he has already uploaded, really captured my attention and I found myself glued to the screen, just listening to what he has planned, what he needs to learn and kit he may need for his journey.
And it was this interested in his proposed project, that I decided to ask Patrick if I could interview him and find out a little bit more about the guy behind Terra Firma Films and his journey ahead.
And this is how the interview panned out...

Tell us a little bit about your background I.e where you are from, where you are now living and what you do for a living...
I was born in West London but have been living on the east coast of Scotland since the age of about 12. I studied photography and digital imaging and recently left an IT job in London to start a small landscaping business and pursue an outdoor lifestyle.
Your Youtube channel is called Terra Firma and the logo mentions Terra Firma Films. Explain a bit more about Terra Firma Films and how it came about...
My YouTube channel name is Terra Firma Films. Terra Firma is Latin for Solid Earth which will be the subject of my films, hence the name choice.
Where do you see Terra Firma Films going in the next 2 years and what do you hope to achieve ?
I have no expectations for Terra Firma Films. It is purely a hobby and I will allow it to go in whatever direction it naturally takes. All I hope to achieve is a more simple way of life and happiness in the great outdoors.
What can your viewers expect to see in this short film ?
My viewers can expect to see epic vistas of the natural Scottish landscape and wilderness captured using a variety of imaging techniques such as time lapse and slow motion movement. Probably with music and possibly narration although it is too early to say for sure.
You have chosen to learn more about living outdoors (camping, backpacking, bushcraft etc.) to assist you on your travels around Scotland. What experience do you currently have with this ?
I have absolutely no experience in the great outdoors except a bit of sea fishing. I am a complete beginner which is why I have asked for the support of my YouTube viewers. I have been watching bush craft, prepping and survival channels for over a year so have some good theory knowledge but am yet to put it in to practice.
Youtube has been a good source of knowledge to help you prepare for your adventures in the Scottish wilderness. Explain why you think Youtube is such a valuable resource for anyone seeking to learn new skills or colate information on a chosen topic.
I have always used YouTube as a learning application. I find it to be an excellent source for tuition, particularly when people are talking directly to me in video. It is a much more personal way of absorbing information despite the technology involved. Perhaps this is because I respond well to human emotion which you don’t get from static text.
You are a relatively “New Kid On The Block” in the “Youtube Outdoor/Bushcraft” community. How do you think you and your proposed venture has been received by the community ?
I wouldn’t like to say how I have been received. I wouldn’t like to get ahead of myself but I can tell you how the YouTube community has been received by me – I have had nothing but support and generosity from bush crafters, preppers and survivalists on YouTube. I hope one day I will cross paths with some of you in the real world and thank you in person.
How do you see your Terra Firma Youtube channel progessing ? What type of videos do you hope to be uploading to your channel ?
Throughout 2013 I will be uploading video diaries of my outdoor adventures on a weekly/fortnightly basis. My viewers will see me wild camping, hiking and also snippets of my film as it is captured along the way. After this project is finished I may delete all evidence of it, leaving only memories to a few. But we shall see.
Will you be taking on this project alone or do you have a team behind you. Both in front of the camera and behind.
I have no team. I am completely on my own. It is simply me, my camera and my YouTube audience.
You briefly mentioned about airing your completed film on your website. Is this website currently live and can we visit to learn more about you and Terra Firma Films ?
I don’t currently have a website but do have a facebook page:
When do you expect to begin filming ? And will we be able to follow your progress ?
I will begin filming in the coming days. Just waiting for this horrid weather to pass. We’ve had nothing but high winds, rain and hail for two weeks now. I am prepared for most weather condition but want to start in slightly easier ones.
Do you have a planned route of which locations in Scotland you will be visiting. If so, which areas do you plan to visit ?
I don’t have a planned route. It is going to be more spontaneous. But Scotland is a small country and I have a car so there is no where I can’t go. I will go anywhere that my film dictates me to in the search of epic landscapes and scenery. I will however at some point camp in the Cairngorm Mountains, the Trossachs, Loch Lomand, Loch Ness and travel to the North West which has been described as the last real wilderness of Great Britain.
Do you have backing for this project or is it completely self funded ?
I don’t have any backing or sponsorship. It is entirely self funded but if anyone wishes to collaborate with me or donate any equipment I am more than happy to talk to them about sponsorship.

Final Statement :

I would just like to say a thank you to all the bushcraft, preppers and survivalist for the support they have given me. I hope more of you will join me on my journey which you can do via my YouTube channel. Perhaps I will bump into some of you along the way. If there is anything I will take out of this adventure it is that we must do everything we can to prolong the health of the planet. It is the only one we have and if we do not take responsibility for it ourselves, even our own existence will be in jeopardy.

So there you go, that was my interview with Patrick (Who is pictured to the left, during his first overnight camp, testing new kit for the filming project).

I for one am really keen to hear and watch how Patrick gets on with his filming project. And I think it will be interesting to see how he copes with whatever the Scottish landscape has to throw at him. And no doubt we will witness a change in Patrick's outdoor skills over the next 12 months, as Im sure he will learn a lot about the outdoors, bushcraft, survival and most importantly, himself.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Patrick for his time, allowing me to throw these questions at him and I wish you well my friend. I look forward to the up and coming months, the Youtube videos you will be uploading along the way and the short film at the end of your Scottish adventure.
If you haven't already checked Patrick's channel out, I recommend you pay him a visit. He will welcome you with open arms, as he has done with us all.

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