Thursday, 3 January 2013

Wired Shutter Release Cable Review For Fujifilm FinePix S9500

My Review Of An Alternative Wired Shutter Release Cable For Several Models Of Fuji Digital Cameras, Including The FinePix S9500
So, what exactly are we talking about here ?

Well its a Maxsima Remote Shutter Release Switch Cable For FujiFilm FinePix digital cameras.

And is compatible with the following models of Fuji digital cameras :

HS20EXR, HS22EXR, S20 Pro, S100FS, S200EXR, S9000, S9100, S9500, S9600, IS-1, X-S1, HS25EXR, HS28EXR, HS30EXR, HS33EXR

I currently use a Fujifilm FinePix S9500 digital camera for shooting the majority of my stills photography, when out in the field documenting my Bushcraft blog or related Youtube videos.

Quite a lot of my photos are of close up or macro images of fungi, insects and wildlife etc. And I often found myself with my camera setup on a tripod, working my way through the menu to set the self timer function going, so as not to create any un-necessary camera shake.

Now, whilst this wasn't any great problem, I just thought it would be a nice option to have access to a form of remote shutter release, that would eliminate the need for accessing the self timer function every time.

A simple press, focus, capture...

This option has the advantage of being able to take the photo, when I want to take it and not when the self timer elapses, possibly when the insect or flower has moved.

So I went in search of a suitable wired remote shutter release cable on the Internet. And with all products available on the market, there are two options.

The original product, made by the same company that manufactures your camera


A similar product, that does exactly the same thing, by a different company at a fraction of the cost.

This second option isn't always the best to go for as the products you receive last for a few months then fail on you.

But having read the customer reviews (See Amazon Listing Above) on this particular model of remote shutter cable, I was prepared to give it a chance.

Specifications :

Unit Length : 8cm
Unit Width : 2.5cm
Unit Depth : 1.5cm tapering to 1cm
Cable Length : 90cm (Approx)

The remote shutter release cable unit, that I purchased came with a mini usb connector which attaches to the usb socket on my Fujifilm FinePix S9500 camera. This may vary depending on your model of camera.

There is one simple switch on the unit which is pressed halfway to focus the camera, then fully depress to take the shot (As you would with any digital camera).

There is also the option to use the unit with your camera set to the "Bulb" setting. You then simply press the button on the unit and push forward, which locks the switch in position, until you are ready to close the shutter again, by sliding the switch back towards you.

This particular model of remote shutter release cable costs far less, than the Fujifilm RR-80 and seems to perform very well. I have never owned the original RR-80 so cannot compare the two.

I have included a short video review below, which you are welcome to watch and demonstrates how easy the unit is to install and use with your camera.

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