Thursday, 3 January 2013

What I Use To Capture My Bushcraft Media

I Am Often Asked What Type Of Camera I Use To Capture Photos For My Blog And Videos For My JesterBushcraft Youtube Channel

But before I start, I would just like to make something clear (As you have no doubt already realised). I am, by no means a professional photographer or video maker. In fact I'm not even a good amateur photographer.

I am simply a person with an interest in the outdoors, wildlife, bushcraft etc. that likes to keep a record of what I get up to. And for that reason, I have to use some form of camera.

And as people are asking the question, I thought I'd write this short blog post, to explain what I use when out and about doing my thing.

My Photography Kit :

Fujifilm FinePix S9500 (With 2gb XD Flash Card)
Maxsima Remote Shutter Release Control Cable For Above
Canon PowerShot A3100 IS (With 8gb SDHC Flash Card)
Cheap Telescopic Tripod
Small Flexible Leg Pocket Tripod
Wide Angle/Macro Lens
2x Teleconverter Telephoto Lens
My Photography Requirements :

The majority of my camera usage is photo images for my blog and video for my Youtube Channel - JesterBushcraft.

I tend to take quite a lot of photos of fungi, insects, plants and wildlife. And some of these images are taken relatively close up and so I require a good macro facility.

I also need quite a large memory capacity for the amount of video I take when out in the field shooting Bushcraft reviews, tutorials or outings.

When trying to capture wildlife on film it is always an advantage to have a reasonable zoom facility. I prefer not to use the digital zoom on my cameras, as the quality of the image is lost in shaky or grainy footage.

A tripod is essential to me, as I take a lot of footage of myself demonstrating kit or bushcraft techniques

Brief Pro's & Con's Of My Kit :

Fujifilm FinePix S9500 (With 2gb XD Flash Card) - My S9500 is a bridge camera between a point & shoot camera and a DSLR.

I really like the fixed lens which has a considerable manual zoom, which is great when trying to capture wildlife on still images or video. When using the video mode, it allows me to zoom in on the subject without any loss of focus.

With it being a similar size to an SLR, it can be quite bulky to carry around and eats batteries. but when used correctly takes great photos.

I also have the addition of my Maxsima Remote Shutter Release Control Cable which allows me more control over my macro photography, eliminating any camera shake when trying to capture that ladybird or fungi in all its glory.

Canon PowerShot A3100 IS (With 8gb SDHC Flash Card) - This is a point & shoot 12.1 mega pixel camera, that I use most of the time when out in the field. It is small, compact, easy to use and lasts for as long as I need (most of the time) on a single battery charge.

It has several functions, like macro and video, that I use all the time and with its 12.1 mega pixels, produces clear and crisp results, that a lot of my readers have commented on in the past.

My only gripe with this camera is when using the video function. If I want to zoom in on my subject, I have to stop recording, zoom in, then re-focus and continue filming.

Tripods - I have 2 very cheap tripods that I tend to carry with me. The telescopic one, which I paid £1.00 for from a car boot sale and the flexible leg tripod which fits in my pocket or in the zip compartment of my camera bag.

The main tripod is used in many forms, some more obvious than others. Mainly as a stand for the camera when filming myself demonstrating kit or bushcraft techniques. But also to use as an extension of my arm when filming myself walking through woodland, whilst still talking to the camera. This gives a great new prospective of the video footage, from a totally different angle.

I have also used this particular tripod for a temporary shelter support, when sheltering from the rain... "Improvise, Adapt & Overcome "

The tripod is essential when sitting for long periods waiting for that elusive deer to appear from the shrubs, whilst also keeping the camera steady when zoomed in.

The small pocket tripod is just handy for a quick photo, that requires a shot of yourself or a steady macro shot close to the ground (fungi for example).

Additional Lenses - I have also recently acquired 2 add on lenses for my Fujifilm FinePix S9500 camera, which accepts 58mm thread lenses to be added onto the existing fixed lens.

These lenses are a wide angle/macro lens and a 2.5x magnification teleconverter (telephoto) lens. These both give me that little bit of extra magnification to get the perfect shot.

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