Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Nite-Ize CamJam Cord Tightener Review & Test

I Was Very Kindly Sent A Pair Of Nite Ize CamJam Cord Tightener's By Outdoor Accessory Distributor Whitby And Co. And Thought I Would Do A Short Review Then Put The Gear To The Test.

Whitby&Co are based in Kendal, Cumbria. Which as some of you will know is the gateway to the Lake District and just happens to be a short drive up the M6 Motorway for me. They are suppliers to a wide range of markets and industries, from outdoor and camping, hunting and fishing, gift, DIY and agricultural.

They recently contacted me, to ask if they could send some sample products for me to review and these Niteize CamJam Cord Tighteners are the first of my reviews.
I specifically chose this piece of bushcraft gadgetry to review first, as I was already experimenting with different tarp configurations.

Nite-Ize is a product range that a lot of you will be familiar with, if you are involved with outdoor pursuits in any shape or form.

They produce a wide range of innovative products that are aimed at the likes of us. And if you like your gadgets, then Nite-Ize will no doubt have a product for you.

These products range from LED torches (flashlights), tools, rope or cord tensioning systems for many different applications, products for your pets and toys for your kids.

But what you are guaranteed to find with any Nite-Ize product is innovation. Clever ideas that you may not think you need, but when tried, would never be without.

As the name suggests, this is a pair of cord tighteners or rope tensioners that can be used for all manner of tasks, where you would need to apply some sort of tension to secure a load or support a ridge line.
The latter is the application I will be using the CamJam's for and will be playing around with different configurations to find my ideal tarp setup.

You are welcome to watch my full video review later on in this post, showing the Nite-Ize Cord Tighteners in action.

As with any Nite-Ize product the packaging is excellent and the items come delivered to your door with everything you need to get going straight away, plus simple to follow, pictorial instructions that make using the products very easy.

In the case of these CamJam Cord Tighteners an 8ft length of paracord is included with the two clips (As I will continue to call them from here on). The cord that is included is great for playing around with the clips before you venture out and will always come in handy for guylines or lanyards etc. You can never have enough paracord !

As you can see from the photo on the right, there are two sides to the clip. One side shows the hole where the cord is fed through and the small channel which allows the cord to sit neatly when in situ.
And the other side which shows the knurled cam which pivots creating the appropriate gap, depending on the size of paracord you are using. Nite-Ize have recommended cord between 2mm (1/162) - 5mm (3/16") and is clearly stated on both the packaging and the clips themselves (In case you forget).

The clips are made from durable plastic and have a metal spring clasp which sits into a small notch in the plastic clip, ensuring your cord doesnt come loose. Each clip measures 7cm x 3.5cm and weighs just 16g (0.5oz). The whole package, including both CamJam Cord Tighteners and 8ft (2.4m) of cord, still only weighs 49g.
To use the Nite-Ize Cord Tighteners, simply pass your chosen paracord through the hole in the back of the clip, then pull the cord down through the gap between the knurled cam and the clip body. The cam will then pivot to automatically re-size the gap to the gauge of cord. And when the cord has any tension placed upon it the knurled cam then bites into the cord, securing it firmly in place. If you need to adjust or place more tension on the cord, simply lift the cord up, releasing it from the grasp of the cam, pull more cord through the hole and re-tension as already mentioned.
The suggested size of paracord to use with the CamJam Cord Tighteners is 2mm - 5mm (as highlighted on the clip itself), but I think that is just a guideline, as I have tried 9mm paracord with this clip and as you can see from the photo, fits quite well and the knurled cam still operates as required to secure the paracord when under tension. These clips are not designed to hold any considerable weight i.e A Person, so Im sure the cam will not fail due to incorrect size of paracord. But that is just my view.
As mentioned earlier in the post, there is a channel moulded into the reverse side of the clip, just where the paracord is fed through. And although only a subtle design feature, In my mind is very clever and allows the cord to sit neatly in position and also reduces the amount of movement in the cord when under tension (i.e It wont slip around as much in windy conditions)
So far, I have to say I am very impressed with the Nite-Ize CamJam Cord Tighteners. The quality of the product, looks and feels good. The packaging is good, with clear pictorial instructions and the staff at Whitby&Co have been helpfull and curtious in all correspondence I've had with them.

But the proof of the pudding all comes down to a successful field test, so its off into the woods to experiment with a few tarp configurations.

A detailed review and demonstration are highlighted in the video below :


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