Monday, 28 January 2013

Are The Guy's At Handy Hammocks Listening To Their Customers ?

How many times have you purchased a product, then thought "This could be designed better" or "Why don't they do this to make it easier to use"

I think a lot of us have been in that situation before. But how many of you actually take it one step further and contact the company, to suggest design changes or ways to improve the overall functionallity of the product.

I dare say, some of you will have tried this at some point too, but I bet not many of you ever got a response from the company. Or better still, your ideas were actually acted upon and the product design was altered.

So what about the guy's at Handy Hammocks, brothers Jason and Mark Andrews. How have they responded to the feedback from their customers ?

Since the launch of their innovative self-supporting hammock, towards the back end of 2012, there has been much talk of the design and numerous comments about the concept. Understandbly there have been a few raised eyebrows amongst the traditional hammock campers, but also considerable praise and encouragement. Non more so, than from the author of The Ultimate Hang: An Illustrated Guide To Hammock Camping , Derek Hansen, who carried out his own test of the Handy Hammock, which can be seen on his blog article "Handy Hammock Stand Review".

As you will see from Derek's review, he modifies the current setup of the Handy Hammock with a few of his own ideas, to make life that little bit easier when setting up the hammock. These modifications are simple to install, but will make your Handy Hammock experience much more enjoyable.

And what about the guys at, how have they responded to this feedback. Well, they have acknowledged that the modifications are beneficial to their design and have now begun encorporating these ideas into future hammock setups.

To me, this speaks volumes about the commitment and enthusiasm that both Jason and Mark have towards the success of the worlds lightest self supporting hammock system.

Having been one of the first people to review the Handy Hammock, I dealt quite a lot with Jason and Mark, bouncing ideas of them (Most of which they had already thought of).
But to their credit they took time to listen to my ideas and comments, responding with sincere words of thanks, whilst also asking opinions on certain aspects of their product, in an attempt to improve on their design. Behaviour that is just unheard of from many other companies.

Listening to their customers can only be an advantage, getting them ever closer to their goal, to grow their UK manufacturing base and establish a home and export market. A goal, which I have no doubt they will achieve in the near future.

The guys continue to come up with new ideas and concepts. Plus subtle alterations to their hammock designs, inspired by existing customers feedback and experiences. Which can only improve on the quality and innovative nature of this exciting new product range from Handy Hammock.

I for one am looking forward to seeing how this fantastic British design develops and would like to think I played a small part in whatever success, they richly deserve.


  1. Hi Mick,
    Two "link-sets" coming your way so you can try the one-strut/one-tree set up with one of your other hammocks. And you'll also be able to see how the struts work with hammocks other than the one supplied in normal 2-strut mode.

    Jason - Handy Hammock

    1. That's great, cheers Jason. Look forward to giving that a try. Thanks again