Monday, 22 October 2012

Niteize Figure 9 Rope Tightener Review


Recently purchased a pair of Nite Ize Figure Nine rope tensioners, which I intended to use for setting up a no-knot ridge line system, in conjunction with my tarp or basha. This is my review...

"My name is Mick from JesterBushcraft and I am addicted to gadgets"... There, I've said it...

I must confess, ever since I saw James Bond for the first time, I have been a big fan of gadgets. And gadgets in the bushcraft/outdoor world are plentiful, some good and some not. So when I came across the Figure 9 Rope Tensioners from Nite Ize, I was interested to learn how they performed.

As they were only a couple of pound (£) each, I took the plunge and bought a pair from the well known online auction site. My idea would be to use one of the Figure nine's at either end of my 550 paracord ridgeline, making a no-knot system, rather than the Evenk knot/Taut line hitch combo.

When I received the package in the post, I was quite impressed to see how small the Figure 9's actually were. Measuring just 40mm x 30mm and weighing in at a meagre 3.5g each.

They were also well packaged with clear instructions on the inside of the packaging, giving you an example of 2 different ways you can use the Figure 9 (Loop System & Fixed End). You also get a little promotional leaflet, highlighting some of the other Nite Ize products in their range, like carabiners, torches and key chain accessories etc.

The Figure 9 is made of aluminium and the load limit is 50lbs (22.5Kg) and will accept cord/rope thickness of 2mm (1/16") to 5mm (3/16").

All the load limit and cord sizes are etched onto the Figure 9 itself so you will never forget the gadgets limitations. Plus there are simple step by step instructions on how to use it, on the reverse of the Figure 9. But to be honest, they are very straight forward to use, as you will see in my video later on in the post.

There are larger versions of this product, which will accept larger size rope, should you require it. And they also do a carabiner version, which is basically the same but with a carabiner style clip rather than the enclosed ring.

Rather than explain my experiences in text, you may be interested to watch the video below, which shows me demoing the Figure 9 out in the field along with my British army basha. I do mention in the video that this particular no-knot system would come into its own in the winter time, when we are more likely to be wearing big gloves or mittens, which make tieing knots more difficult.

I intend to use this system for my tarp/basha setup, whenever I go out into the woodland, from now on and am sure it will serve me well.

As a quick and easy rope tensioner, this is one gadget I will be keeping and hopefully using for some time.

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