Sunday, 26 August 2012

The Jacklore Handmade Bushcraft Knife

The Jacklore Is A Handmade Bushcraft Knife, Produced In The UK, That Has Recently Appeared And Is Taking The Bushcraft Community By Storm...

In this post we take a look at the British made bushcraft knife that everyone is talking about, the guy behind the handcrafted knife and why it performs so well no matter what type of bushcrafting task you ask the Jacklore to take on.

Experience English Craftsmanship

About three years ago...
A guy called Sandy appeared on Youtube (Youtube Channel G0VQW), producing videos about one of his passions, which was amateur radio.

Then, a year later...
Sandy started adding a couple of videos relating to the outdoors, camping equipment and eventually nights out under canvas or in a hammock.

These outdoor videos, then started to become more frequent and the Bushcraft community were starting to take notice. Sandy (Or Bivouac Jack as he was now calling himself) would take an interest in a bushcraft skill, like the bowdrill, master the technique, then produce more videos on how to perfect the skill, so that other bushcrafters could benefit from the mistakes he made and how he overcame them.

Approximately three months ago...
Sandy published a video on a homemade bushcraft knife that he had produced in his garage at home. This was to become the start of the now well known and sort after Jacklore. In those three short months Sandy (And the Jacklore) have come a long way, to the point where he is now producing some fantastic handmade bushcraft knives that are being dispatched all over the world.

As more and more people are becoming aware of the Jacklore and how good they are, Sandy is receiving all manner of materials in the post for making the knife handle scales, to be fitted to the ever increasing number of Jacklore orders, that Sandy is getting on a daily basis.

Due to the interest and demand for the Jacklore a dedicated website was setup, which is still in its early stages and continually being updated (as and when Sandy gets any spare moments in his busy schedule). A seperate youtube channel has also been introduced, again dedicated solely to the Jacklore knife.

I was lucky enough to receive one of the earlier models of Jacklore. And the knife even in just a month or so, has come even further, in the way it looks, the finish quality and the addition of an optional hand stitched leather sheath.

For me a bushcraft knife is a working knife and should be up to performing any bushcraft related task, such as striking a ferro rod, feather sticking, hearth board preparation (starting the drill hole with the point of your knife) and carving.

The Jacklore is proficient in all of these tasks, but also withstands tougher challenges such as battening and chopping. And after all this punishment can still keep its edge and shave the hairs from your arm.

This is due to the quality of the blade and the way it has been carefully heat treated, giving the blade a Rockwell hardness of approximately 59. The blade and tang (all one piece) are made from 4mm 01 tool steel, with a 22 degree Scandinavian bevel.

Each Jacklore knife is based on the same design (more or less), but when complete the Jacklore is very much an individual knife, especially if the customer has requested their own specific material for the handle scales.

Non more so in my case, as I requested that the scales were made from a piece of mahogany that came from an old 1954 ex-admiralty boat that I used to own for many years. I sent Sandy the piece of mahogany and he used this wood in the making of my Jacklore, giving it a very personal touch (for me anyway). I will now always carry the memories of my time on that boat whenever I carry my Jacklore knife.

Sandy has now produced many Jacklore knives and they are improving in quality each time. Performance wise they are exceptional and looks wise... Well you make up your own mind ! This is my own personal Jacklore knife and one of the early models.

If you would like to learn more about the Jacklore bushcraft knife, watch other independent reviews and see how the Jacklore has evolved, please visit their website