Tuesday, 29 May 2012

How To Make A Bushcraft Bucksaw

Knowing You Can Make A Bushcraft Bucksaw (If Required) When Out In The Woods Is A Great Skill To Learn, So I Thought I Would Give It A Try...

I have recently noticed an increase in the amount of videos regular Youtube Bushcrafters are uploading, regarding the making of bucksaws.

Some people are using materials they have found in there garage, like planed wood. And other people are using materials sourced from their local woodland. Either way, being able to make your own bucksaw is a great skill to learn and once mastered will stay with you for ever more, ready for when you need to rely on it.

I decided that I would like to have a go, but had already set myself a set of targets before I'd even started.

I was keen to use natural materials, sourced from the woodland. My reasons for this are simple. I want to be able to create a bucksaw when ever I am out in the woods and not have to carry a pre-constructed version in my rucksac (which takes up additional weight and space).

I already have a good sized folding saw, which I could carry in my pack and I also have the Victorinox Trailmaster (Trekker), which I carry with me at all times when out in the field.

Which brings me onto my second target for this task.

I also want to be able to construct this bucksaw (using natural materials) using only the tools I would normally carry on my person or in my pack. And for me, it is my trusty Victorinox.

If I can make a bucksaw using just these 2 items, then I can rest assured that I will always have the skills to knock one up whenever I need the use of a larger sawing tool. Whether it be for making a large shelter or firewood.

Yes, I would always need to have the bucksaw blade with me in my pack, but it takes up little space and can be easily slid down the side of a rucksack or concealed in the backrest padding etc. And of course I would also need to carry 2 bolts/wingnuts too, but again takes up no room at all and weighs next to nothing.

So with my criteria set, I went off into the woods to source my bucksaw materials...

As you can see from the video, I was able to create the bucksaw using just my Victorinox. Ok, some aspects took a little bit of time and effort (Like boring the holes for the bolts), but if push came to shove and I was in a situation where I needed a large saw... I could achieve it !

I think it is good practice to always try and use the tools you would normally carry with you, to achieve these results. As you never know when you may be faced with these situations. And if you know that your skill set will allow you to overcome these obstacles, you will be prepared for anything.

I hope this post has been usefull and that you enjoyed reading (And watching) it... Thanks Again !


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    1. Thank you Max, Im glad you liked it. It means you can just carry the blade and a couple of bolts, knowing you can knock up a hard working saw, if required... Thanks for your comment.

  2. An outstanding piece of work. I am inspired to have a go at summer camp with my Scout troop- we're always looking for new challenges. Some of the Explorers will love it too. Thanks for all your effort.

  3. Very nice saw ! Tks for sharing....