Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Future Posts For 2012 - Tracking, Fungi & Photography

Firstly I would just like to wish everyone a Happy New Year and thank you for taking time to visit my blog (And my Youtube Channel - JesterBushcraft).

I started my Youtube channel back in August last year (2011) and have now almost reached 200 subscribers which is amazing. I also started this blog to accompany the channel and hopefully act as a diary of events for my own reference really.

At the tail end of last year I moved house, so I didn't upload as many videos as I would have liked. And the same goes for posts on this blog. But with it being new year and a time for new resolutions, I hope to increase the amount of content on both mediums.

This year I plan to finally do my first overnight wild camp, something I have been building up to for some months, much to the (polite) annoyance of some of my subscribers... "When you going to do your first overnighter Mick ?"

I would also like to build on my new found knowledge and interest of fungi, where I will be venturing into my local woodland to find new species and check up on existing ones too. I will be improving my photography skills too, as I have acquired a slightly better camera. Rather than just snapping as I wander, I will try to spend a little more time and effort to capture a much clearer image, which hopefully will help me (Or one of my readers) to identify the fungi I stumble across.

Having received a Ray Mears book for my birthday, I will also be learning a new skill, which I have wanted to try for quite some years... Animal tracking. A Youtube friend of mine has pre-warned me about the difficulties involved in animal tracking, but also the fun aspect and how it can improve your awareness of the woodland around you. All things I am keen to learn more about and build upon. So I am really looking forward to getting out into the woods to see what I can spot or even track !

As I travel down by "Bushcrafting" road, I am finding myself steering more towards the wildlife aspect of being outdoors, rather than learning how to make cordage or build shelters. BUT... these skills will still be with me on my outings and I will always be learning new skills as I go.

I hope you will continue to follow me on my journey as I pick up new skills, discover new aspects of wildlife and post or upload new content to my blog and Youtube channel.

Thank you for your interest and support