Monday, 10 October 2011

JesterBushcraft Youtube Channel... Learn New Skills From A Likeminded Community

Back in June 2011, I started to get interested in Bushcraft and I used Youtube as a means of learning new skills, from other bushcrafters. And it wasn't long before I was producing my own videos, on my newly created channel "JesterBushcraft", showing how I was progressing on the bushcrafting learning curve.

It wasn't long before I started to realise that there was a number of other similar people,  like myself who were doing exactly the same. Getting out in the woods, or up on the hills and practicing new bushcrafting skills. Plus they were submitting videos of their own and they were receiving comments about what they had got up to.

Not only that, but the comments were mainly positive ones, giving words of advice, hints, tips and new things to try. It was almost like a close knit community of bushcrafters, all wanting to help each other in this fantastic pastime.

As I learnt new skills, I would produce new videos and sure enough the comments started flooding in. After a few months I started to submit videos that I thought other people may benefit from or learn techniques that they could use themselves. And once again, people were taking note and actually thanking me for the information I was putting out there.

And now in my 4th month, I am still producing videos on a regular basis. Some are just me trying new skills, some are things I have discovered myself and wanted to share with "the community" and other videos are just for the fun of it or letting people (some of which I can now call my friends) know what I have been up to.

So, if you are new to bushcrafting and would like some inspiration or advice on what skills you could learn about, feel free to wander over to my youtube channel "JesterBushcraft"

And also, if you are an experienced bushcrafter, please also visit my channel, take a look at some of my videos and leave comments on how I can improve my skills or where I may be going wrong etc. I am always open to constructive criticism and eager learn new skills.

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