Thursday, 6 October 2011

Blog Introduction - Bushcraft & Survival Skills, Tutorials And Reviews

Welcome to the newly launched blog from JesterBushcraft - Bushcraft & Survival Skills, Tutorials And Reviews...

Ok, so what's the blog all about then ? Well, if I'm honest its a way for me to have a central location to keep all my bushcraft notes, kit reviews and knowledge that I have built up since becoming interested in bushcraft and outdoor survival techniques.

I've always had an interest in being outdoors, right from when I used to build shelters (dens) as a kid in my local woods. That then progressed to camping, hiking and cooking sausages over an open fire when in cub scouts. I then worked my way up through Scouts and Venture Scouts. I was also part of the on-site team who managed the running and upkeep of 2 of the biggest scout camps in the North West of England.

And I've always been a sucker for gadgets, kit and equipment that can be used in the outdoors, when out hiking or camping. And because of this, Back in June 2011 I started uploading videos to Youtube, reviewing different kit items, experiences I'd had and techniques I had learned, all relating to bushcraft.

And before I knew it, people started taking interest in my videos and were leaving nice comments. And so I'd do more videos and more people started to take notice. Its now October 2011 and I currently have over 100 subscribers, totalling just under 8000 views, which I am so pleased about.

Im just a regular guy with an interest in bushcraft. And so, due to the success of my Youtube channel (JesterBushcraft) I thought I would start writing a blog, mainly as a diary of events to remind myself of what I have been up to and when.

However, if what I have learned can help other people, with similar interests, then great. Again, I don't confess to be a guru in bushcraft or an expert in survival skills. I just enjoy being out there. I have learnt so much from other people, whether it be on Youtube or people I have met over the years. And hopefully, one day, I will have inspired or helped future generations enjoy  the outdoors and bushcrafting in general.


So please, feel free to have a wander round my blog, watch some of my videos and if you can take away just one snippet of information that will help you... Fantastic !

And if you do put anything I talk about here, to good use, please let me know. I would be glad to hear about it.

Thank you for your interest.

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